Sunday, 23 October 2011

Delete it !!!


Dear heart, plez allow me to forget him. allow me to hate him. it suck to bear with all this. i'm still waiting for his message, so damn. plez, allow me to go through all the day onward without him in my mind. why it so hard?? plez laaa.. i hate this feeling. btw, dear frens, thanx for cheer me up. but, his memory still strong in my mind. seriously i miss him. although for what he had done, i still can't forget him. aiiggoo..gross..!! mybe, it takes time. but i feel sad to let go all those memories. it so nice. nothing bad. it juz happend suddenly. it's not his or her mistakes. mybe,i came at the wrong time..haaiisshh. to be honest, i keep remember him every night, look at my phone and wait for any incoming call or message. so STUPID !!!! 

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