Monday, 19 September 2011

Dear Girl


Hye girl..
i dont know who you're
but i know how u like
i know ur story
but i dont really know the really you are..

Seriously, for the first time
i really like to know much closer
but, right now..
not anymore.

you're too close with person i close
but u are more closer than me.
i'm nothing compared to you.
and you're luckier than me to know that person earlier

i dont have right to stop you
u belong the right
u are suppose to be so
but, i'm already involve in this matter

i know that both of you are so close before
and you guys still love the past
you guys have a lot of memories together
i believe, you're hoping that to happen AGAIN..

so, dear girl..
i dont know you
but, i envy you
i cant replace you.

*sorry for grammatical error..*

p/s: aku sgt bzy skrg ni, so,i'll give them a chance..

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